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Commercial Rent Reviews

An extensive knowledge of Landlord and Tenant law is essential in advising both landlords and tenants on rent review and lease renewal matters.

Many factors have an effect on the rental value of any particular demise and our experience dealing with rent reviews, interpretation of lease provisions, tenants’ improvements, repairing obligations and service charge matters all assist in the formulation of a compelling argument on behalf of the client.

The advice starts with scrutinizing the wording of the relevant lease, establishing the validity of notices, checking the floor area, researching the market and then extends through the valuation process and subsequent negotiations.

The principle behind the rent review is simple; the landlord wishes to ensure that he receives the maximum rent possible as at the effective date whereas the tenant wishes to ensure that he is not being asked to pay more than the property could reasonably be expected to achieve in the open market as at the effective review date.